We offer a wide range of Do It Yourself materials and gear for outdoors. We service worldwide and from our store in Merikoskenkatu 1, Oulu, Finland.

Shelby @ NUTS Köykkyri Trail Running Event

On Saturday the 18th of November we are participating NUTS Köykkyri Trail Running Event. You can leave your order online with the free 'pick up from the shop' shipping option and we can deliver your order to Köykkyri on Saturday on request.

NUTS Köykkyri

At Köykkyri we offer a selection of current trail running related gear. Merino socks, anti skid devices and shoe spikes, headlamps... You can send in propositions to info(AT) shelby.fi


The idea behind gloves is to protect hands from abrasion and the elements without affecting finger dexterity. Gloves in our selection provide good finger dexterity considering the protection and insulation they give.

Explore our selection: Gloves

Reflective Materials

We provide a broad selection of reflective materials for any seamstress, for textile handicrafts or for a MYOG (Make Your Own Gear) enthusiast.

Reflective Materials

Adhesive reflective tapes are great for child strollers, bicycles frames, snow sled or you name it.