We offer a wide range of Do It Yourself materials and gear for outdoors. We service worldwide and from our store in Merikoskenkatu 1, Oulu, Finland.

Ski Backpacks and Snow Safety Gear

The ski season is on! We provide top of the line ski packs, snow safety gear and ski climbing skins:

Snow & Ice

Warm Merino Wool

Now is the season for merino wool fabric. Black, grey and natural white merino wool fabrics in stock in plenty amounts. And for the fastest customers there's still some blue and red available.

Merino Wool Fabrics

Notice also the new super fine 16.5 micron quality!

Zipper problems?

We did a crash course into the subject to a popular relaa.com Outdoor Website:

Vetoketju rikki? Vetoketjun korjaus tai vaihto on hyvä vaihtoehto uudelle vaatteelle (try the Google translator)

The original is unfortunately in Finnish only. The automated translation is spiked with plenty of pictures.