Neck Warmer Pattern

Shelby Kaava #404 Neck Warmer Instructions



  • 0,25m of fleece (enough for 2 neck warmers)
  • 1m 20mm stetch binding (edge option)
  • 1m 2-3mm stetch cording (adjustment option)
  • 2 grommet rings (adjustment option)
  • 1 cord lock (adjustment option)


Any fleece or wool is great for this neck warmer. We especially recommend Polartec Powerstretch for a lightweight warmer or 200 weight for a heavier one.


Size S or M is good for stretchy fleeces, but when using a non-stretch material size L is recommended. The stretch of the fleece should be along the length of the warmer (so it stretches over your head).


The warmer can optionally be made with stretch cording in the upper edge's hem. Stretch cording along with a cord lock allow you to adjust how tight the warmer is around your chin. It can then also be worn as a hat by closing the hole.


1 cm seam allowances are included in the pattern. A normal sewing machine is fine for this project, but a serger can be handy for the edge seam and finishing the bottom edge.

  1. Download the pattern and print it on a normal A4 or letter page.

  2. Cutting

    Select your size from the pattern and pin it on fleece placed on a fold. The fold should match the longer side edge of the pattern. Cut. The stretch should be along the length of the pattern.

  3. Rear seam

    Pin the rear seam (shorter one) right sides together (making an inside-out tube). Sew with a 1cm seam allowance. Now is a good time to try on the warmer and check sizing.

  4. Top edge

    The top edge can be finished with or without stretch cording. If cording is wanted then holes must be made as marked on the pattern. Holes can be made with metal grommets using a grommet tool (available from any fabric store) or by making a button hole.

    Fold the top hem 2,5 cm towards the wrong side (inside) of the warmer. Pin so that 0,5 cm is folded under (you don't see the raw edge). Top-stitch this seam with a long-stitch or preferably a stretch stitch.

    If you made holes, stretch cording can be inserted inside the hem, and a cord stopper attached.
  5. Bottom edge

    The bottom edge can be finished by simply serging. However, a more elegant solution is stretchy edge binding.

    Starting from the back, sew the binding around the edge. This is done by placing the fleece edge in between the folded binding and stretching slightly while sewing. Be sure to catch the back of the binding when sewing. When reaching the end go past the start of the binding then fold the binding under the edge and back-stitch.

    Congratulations! Your neck warmer is complete!

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