Corona Bulletin

On this page we inform how the COVID-19 epidemy affects our operations.

We hope that as many of you as possible are in good health and can adjust to the situation with the virus threat. We thank you for your support!

Our webstore takes in orders 24/7 as usual. We ship out orders and serve at the shop in Oulu every business day 12 to 6 PM until further notice. Postal deliveries have delays especially with letters to outside the Nordic countries. Check the current situation for your country here: The Bulletin from the Finnish Post on 4th of December 2020 (PDF).

As the Christmas Holiday Season is getting closer freight transits are getting slower and more delays are likely. So place in your order well in time

    This is what we do to adapt
  • We lowered our shipping discount limit to 50 eur so our customers have a lower stresshold to order online instead of gathering into our small shop.
  • We offer our guidance and customer service over phone (+358 44 016 6976 business days 12 to 6PM EET) or email and through our social media channels to help out choosing the right product when ordering online.
  • Our staff stays home if any respiratory flu symptoms occur.
  • We minimize the staff working together to limit the possibility for the virus to spread and also to guarantee we have staff available if there are quarantine cases.
  • Our staff wears masks when serving customers.
  • We further improve cleaning at the shop and wipe door handles and other surfaces as often as reasonably possible. We provide hand disinfectants when available.
  • We predict product re-stock availability so that we would have what you need also in case of shortages and freight delays. Some suppliers have reported about delays and warned that some items might run out early during this winter season. Also freight transit delays are more usual than ever and raised demand on outdoor gear might lead to sold out items earlier in the season.
    This is what we wish from our customers:
  • Don't leave home if you are or if you feel you're getting sick. If you need help contact your local health care officials.
  • Instead of gathering into our small shop please shop online at our website . We provide guidance over phone (+358 44 016 6976 business days 12 to 6PM EET) or email . Note the lowered shipping discount limit!
  • If you wish to pick up your order from our shop you can limit the time of the visit by ordering online with the pick-up from the shop shipping method. When picking up you can call us to bring your order outside the door.
  • Wash your hands with plenty of soap (or disinfect) before and after your visit. We offer hand sanitizer at the shop entrance and at the counter.
  • Use a facemask when possible. We have some tube neck gaiters, merino tubing and e.g Coolmax polyester fabric available. Do-it-yourself tips for facemasks: Also Buff Filter Masks and Filters have arrived to our selection.
  • Predict your need so you don't need to meet people to get every single item separately. Due to raised demand for outdoor gear and shipping delays items might be sold out earlier in the season so prepare beforehand for your Winter trips to outdoors.
  • We ask you to use contactless payment at the shop when possible.
  • We ask you to keep a safe distance to other customers and to our staff. We know that this is not easy in our small shop but let's do our best to slow down the spreading of the virus and to keep our small staff healthy and the doors open for customers.
  • Don't give up! We can get the best out of this with common effort.
Official information about Corona you can find e.g. from the Finnish institute of health and welfare