Delivery Delays Due To Covid19

Our webstore takes in orders 24/7 as usual. We ship out orders and serve at the shop in Oulu every business day 12 to 6 PM.

Postal deliveries have delays especially with letters to outside Finland. Check the current situation at the Posti's website: COVID19 impacts the delivery of letters and parcels sent from Finland.

For countries which don't have postal deliveries available we can offer Covid-19 time shipping using UPS, FedEX, GLS etc. depending on country. Price depends on country and postcode. Ask quote and details by email. Minimum cost for small shipments is approx. 25€ to Europe and 50€ outside Europe.

The shopping cart page on our website gives you an estimate about the delivery time to your country for each available shipping method. The more affordable postal shipping options have wide range on the delivery time. Usually they are on the faster side of the range but nowadays due to covid19 related reasons they tend to lean towards the longest estimated delivery times. For the neighboring countries to Finland they are usually around the midrange.

    Orders to the United Kingdom
  • Possibilities to ship out orders to the United Kingdom are limited.
  • Brexit, changes on the international postal contracts about shipments to outside EU and limited postal capacity due to covid19 has caused major changes to our possibilities to ship out orders to UK.
  • Currently we can ship to UK only orders above the value of £135.
  • Shipping costs to UK need to be checked individually for each order so our webstore offers only one covid shipping option and we check the actual costs after receiving the order.
  • We refund possible overcharge on shipping costs when shipping out the order.
    Orders to the United States, Canada and Australia
  • The shipping volume to the western countries outside EU is currently high.
  • Due to pandemic, the flying capacity for mail and freight is also reduced, which means that less mail is moving forward.
  • Due to aforementioned reasons, the postal shipments may be delayed for weeks.