We offer a wide range of Do It Yourself materials and gear for outdoors. We service worldwide and from our store in Merikoskenkatu 1, Oulu, Finland.

Shop in Oulu Open Also On Saturdays Until March 9th

Until March 9th our shop is open also on Saturdays from 10 to 3 PM.

During the week the shop is open from 12 until 6 PM.


Camo Fabrics

The latest addition to our camouflage fabrics is the lightweight M05 Camo Rip-Stop Tarp Fabric 100 g/m².

Camo Fabrics

These fabrics are occasionally available, so place in your order well in advance.

Ski Skins For Ski Expeditions

Are you looking for ski skins for your nordic touring or ski expedtion skis? No need to look further.

This Winter's Colltex freight arrived and now we have skins for your Nordic touring or wilderness skis.

Colltex skins and accessories

If your ski's very tip is wider or thicker than the stated internal dimensions of the skin tip loop remember to order also bigger tip loops. They are way cheaper than a second set of shipping costs.