We offer a wide range of Do It Yourself materials and gear for outdoors. We service worldwide and from our store in Merikoskenkatu 1, Oulu, Finland.

Green Week

Instead of Black Week overconsuming parties we are enjoying a green week like on every week of the year.

Among everything else we provide textile repair accessories and quality outdoor gear with inexpensive prices year around. Order online at shelbyoutdoor.com or visit our shop and purchase what you really need with affordable prices!


No need to worry about the darkness when you can shed some light to the issue with Black Diamond headlamps.


Sledge/Pulka covers

It's noticeable that the winter is coming, as our customers are asking for materials to tune and build their own pulkas for their winter expeditions. Whether it's a Paris pulka or a sturdier wooden sledge, we have the right soft parts and guidance to help you forward with your project.

DIY sledge or pulka building