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Heat-resistant Aluminated Glassfiber fabric

Heat-resistant Aluminated Glassfiber fabric

Strong and heat resistant glass fiber fabric that has aluminium coating on the other side. From this you can make light weight windscreens and heat reflectors for your outdoor stove, use as a material around chimney in tent saunas...

Glassfiber fabric has good tensile stregth but it breaks under frequent bending or cutting. Metallic surface flakes off if frequently folded.

Material: glass fiber and aluminium
Tensile strength: warp 1220N/2,5cm; weft 801N/2,5cm
Heat resistance: ≤550°C
Thickness: 0,18 mm
Weight: 203 g/m²
Width: 120 cm

When ordering this product notice that when shipping this item we fold it to fit it in a box or an envelope. Folds can leave permanent marks on this material. Shipping on roll is possible with 15 EUR extra shipping charge. If you want delivery on a roll please mention about it separately.

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