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Shelby Mini Repair Kit

Shelby Mini Repair Kit

Small but well thought out repair kit for repairing clothing and gear packed in a waterproof and durable Witz plastic case.


The package contains 2 different sized needles and strong nylon thread that you can use to repair broken seams. Small piece of Cordura fabric is included to replace unravelling fabric edges.

Also including Tear Aid and Ripstop fabric self adhesive tape to repair small tears and spark burns. Tear Aid tape also works for repairs on Thermarest Neo Air sleeping mattresses or similar.

When using these tapes clean the area to be repaired with the included cleaning towel, with alcohol or similar and apply rounded piece of tape. In case of a hole it might be best to apply repair tape to both sides of the fabric.

With the locking safety pin you hol ripped seams together or even your pants up.

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