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Neoprene 2-4 mm rubber without fabric, 2nd quality, 35 cm x 30 cm

Neoprene 2-4 mm rubber without fabric, 2nd quality, 35 cm x 30 cm

Piece of 2nd quality neoprene with varying thickness with very affordable pricing! there might be scuffs, folds or glue marks on the surface.

High quality 3 mm Neoprene rubber with a smooth rubber on the other side and open cell structure on the other. No fabric surfaces! Rated to a depth of 35 m for diving. One side is the color listed, the other always black neoprene rubber. This orange is a special high-visibility orange.

Neoprene is top quality rubber material (chlorine butadiene rubber - CR) that maintains it's properties trough time. Inside Neoprene there's homogeneously spread air bubbles that provide thermal insulation and elastic structure.
Now available also in smaller pieces for smaller projects like drinking tube covers, wrist warmers and camera protectors!

Weight: 720 g/m2
Made in Germany.

2nd quality with some marks on surface and variations in thickness!

When ordering this product notice that when shipping this item we fold it to fit it in a box or an envelope. Folds can leave permanent marks on this material. Shipping on roll is possible with 15 EUR extra shipping charge.

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