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Cold Resistant Light TPU Film, Window Film

Flexible plastic film for translucent pockets and windows on textiles. Flexible also in low temperatures.

Milky clear plastic sheeting perfect for outdoor and utility uses such as windows, protective covers, map cases, bags, etc. Easy to sew.

UV radiation may cause yellowing but otherwise the material properties aren't affected by UV. Translucent film let's light through but distant objects become are blurry when looking through.

Material: Polyether TPU
Width: 100 cm
Weight: 165 ± 20 g/m² (FS191a Method 5041)

Thickness: 0,15 ± 0,02 mm (FS191a Method 5030)
Tensile Strength: >480/480 kg/cm² (ASTM-D412 Die C)
Elongation: 450/450 % (ASTM-D412 Die C)

Tear Strength: >80/80 kg/cm (ASTM-D624 Die C)
Hardness: 87±3 Shore A (ASTM-D2240 A)

Specifications are directional.

When ordering this product please notice that we fold this item for shipping to fit it in a box or an envelope. Folds may leave permanent marks on this material. Shipping on roll is possible on request with 15 EUR extra shipping charge.

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