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Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF/Cuben), 17.3 g/m²

Ultra lightweight and totally waterproof fabric like composite.

Very strong for the weight on warp and weft direction. But as ultralight fabric it recuires careful handling both when sewing and when using the gear.

For seaming we recommend glue or both glue and sewing, perhaps with a additional strip for reinforcement.

There will be folds on the material, because of manufacturing process and packing the material. Folds do not effect the technical properties. When shipped on roll there are less folds. Please contact us for roll shipping, usually it involves a surcharge of about 15 €.

Tensile strength warp/weft:552N/5cm
Tear strength warp/weft: 62N

Width: 137 cm
Material: Dyneema-Polyester Composite
Weight: 17.3 g/m² (0.51 oz/yd²)
Manufacturer code: CT0.3E.08

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