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Screw-On Turn Clasp

Screw-On Turn Clasp

Screw-on and easy to attach twist lock. For camping requirements, caravans, boats etc. Rustproof brass withstands against rigours of weather in outdoor use.

Attach the turnclasp with the included phillips head screw onto a hard wood surface or similar. Attach the opposite oval grommet to a fabric(s) with thickness of 1 to 4 mm. Good picuter instructions included on the package.

Clasp length: 33 mm
Clasp width: 12 mm
Clasp height: 18 mm

Grommet length: 27 mm
Grommet width: 21 mm
Grommet height: 3-6 mm (depending on the fabric used)

Screw length: 16 mm
Screw ∅: 2 mm

Weight: 8 g
Pack size: 4 pieces

Quantity:  Full pack

Product number: 2630 (Prym 545510)

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