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Stretch Fleece Pants Pattern

Stretch Fleece Pants Pattern

It seemed like I was using the same pattern for both long johns and outerwear fleece pants. The main differences were just the weight of the fabric and details such as pockets and zippers. In general, I realized that a pair of close-fitting thermal stretch pants could handle most any cold-weather activity I could dream up with just a few modifications. This is a master pattern detailing three popular options to offer people ways to keep their legs warm for whatever they do.

Pattern includes sizes XS - XL. Waist measurements range from 24 to 44" (60 to 111 cm) and hip from 31 to 51" (78 to 130 cm). Modifying pattern for different waist-hip size relationship is described within.

Material Requirements (Amounts are for 145-150 cm wide fabrics)

Fleece: XS-S (1.22m) M-L (1.26m) View A XL (1.71m) View B&C XL (1.37m)
Shell (View B only): XS-S (0.61m) M-L (0.80m) XL (0.91m)
Pocket lining (optional): 20 cm

90 cm of 25 mm elastic
View C only:
2 x 102 cm two-way seperating zippers
2.7m 25mm or 20mm cross-grain ribbon
2.3m 15mm cross-grain ribbon
41cm 25mm hook & loop (velcro)

Optional pockets: 2 x 20 cm pocket zippers

Note! Due to technical and copyright reasons patterns are available only as printed copies.

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