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Nallo Softshell Jacket Pattern

The Shelby Nallo Jacket is a technical softshell jacket for men. Designed to take advantage of softshell characteristics, this jacket provides protection all year around. Includes large breast pockets, an adjustable hem, wind flap under front zipper, and both collar and hood options.

The pattern is in full-scale (all sizes) and comes either on A3 pages that are easy to reproduce on a copy machine or on 2 A0 sheets (no need to assemble tha pattern)

Includes the pattern (all sizes) and instructions.

Recommended Fabrics

Fleece or Soft Shell materials with a minimum of 25% two-way stretch. Other shell materials with stretch. For non-stretch materials size adjustments must be made!

Note! Due to technical and copyright reasons patterns are available only as printed copies.

9.00 €/piece
Language:  English
Printed on A3 paper (needs to be assembled)

Product number: 6657

Only 1 piece left in stock, after the stock is empty out of stock. No longer available.
12.90 €/piece
Language:  English
Printed on A0 size (no need to assemble)

Product number: 6658

Only 18 pieces left in stock, after the stock is empty product temporarely out of stock. Order will be delivered after 3 to 10 day delay.
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