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Fleece Gloves Pattern

Fleece Gloves Pattern

Hands aren’t flat. Gloves that are must be stretched out of shape simply to put on. This stresses seams and cause constrictions in what might otherwise be a good fit. These gloves use curved finger inserts and differentially cut palm and backhand pieces for a more natural, relaxed fit in a position you can use. View A is a Fleece Glove with a stretch cuff. Very soft. Very simple. Stretchy and forgiving in sizing. View B is a Shelled Fleece Glove also with a stretch cuff. The Fleece Liner is enclosed in a shell using two types of fabric. “Gripper” fabric is used on the palm sides while another woven fabric makes up the backhand. Still soft. Weather resistant. Warmer with terrific grip.

Includes the pattern and instructions.

Material Requirements (Amounts are for 140-150 cm wide fabrics)

View A (Fleece glove):
Fleece: XS-M (0.23m) L-XL (0.30m)
Cuffs: 0.13m
View B (Shelled glove):
Fleece liner: XS-M (0.23m) L-XL (0.30m)
Palm: XS-S (0.23m) L-XL (0.30m)
Shell: 0.23m
Cuffs: 0.13m

21 cm 10mm elastic

Note! Due to technical and copyright reasons patterns are available only as printed copies.

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