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Guetermann Mara 50 thread 500 m

Guetermann Mara 50 thread 500 m

Quality 100% polyester Gutermann thread in bulk quantity. This size #50 thread is for use in gear projects, and other applications with high wear and heavy materials. Can be sewn with most machines made for household use if thread tension is adjusted properly. On most delicate cheap machines the bottom thread might flounder.

Thickness: nr. 50 – tex 60
Material: 100% Polyester
Needle recommendation: 90 - 110 Nm

Breaking strength: > 2.350 cN
Breaking extension: > 11%
Thread in a roll: 500m
Made in Germany

Price 0,01 €/m

Guetermann thread color:  824 - Olive Green
Guetermann thread color:  000 - Black

Product temporarely out of stock. Order will be delivered after 5 to 15 day delay.

  • Batch of 10 rolls for 40.00 €
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