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Magnetic Snap 15 mm

Magnetic Snap 15 mm

Magnetic snap that suits to be used with thicker fabrics and materials. Both sides are to be attached into two slits/holes on fabric/base material with 4 mm width. Bend two barbs (8 mm long, 4 mm wide) against hard surface to complete attachment.

The included washers give strength to the attachment.

Should be attached only to dense materials that can withstand the strain caused to two nearby attching holes without tearing/unravelling. When used with fabrics choosing a coated fabric is advisable.

Material: nickled metal
Weight: 6.7 g

Outer diameter: 15 mm
Thicness that stays between attached surfaces: 5 mm
Assembled thickness: 9 mm + attached materials

Color:  Nickeled

Product number: 2363

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