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Non-Sew Jeans Trouser Button

Premium non-sew buttons made from stainless brass.

Attaches with the included stud. Press the stud through fabric and insert into the hole on the back of the button. Can be pressed with bare hands against a table. If you use a hammer have a scrap piece of fabric in between and use gentle force.

Material: rustproof brass
Outer diameter: 16mm

Bottom fabric compressed thickness: max. 2 mm
Button hole material thickness: max. 4 mm

1.50 €/piece
Color:  Black
Quantity:  Single units

Product number: 5635 (Prym 331110-single)

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8.90 €/package
Color:  Black
Quantity:  10 pcs

Product number: 5599 (Prym 331110)

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