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Grommets 5 mm

Grommets 5 mm

Set of high quality 5 mm grommets including an application tool. The package includes 40 grommets and the tool is used with a hammer or application pliers. This is the best way to make cording feed through.

These grommets are easy to apply and give a working solution with finished looks.

Inner diameter: 5 mm

Good pictured instructions and tools for making the hole for the grommet included.

0.30 €/set
Color:  Black
Quantity:  Single units
Installation tool not included

Product number: 860

  • Buy 10 sets or more, get 20% discount
  • Buy 100 sets or more, get 45% discount
2.00 €/piece
Installation tool

Product number: 6505

6.90 €/package
Color:  Silver
Installation tool included
Quantity:  40 pcs.

Product number: 5627

Only 7 packages left in stock, after the stock is empty
69.00 €/package
Color:  Black
Installation tool included
Quantity:  500 pcs.

Product number: 861

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