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Elokuu Laundry Liquid, Uncented

Elokuu Laundry Liquid, Uncented

The fresh and ecological Elokuu laundry liquid cleans laundry soiled in daily life and is suited for both machine and hand wash. This product contains no bleach and is thus best suited for coloured laundry but can also be used for lightly soiled whites.

For all coloured laundry and outdoor clothing. Doesn't include strong chemicals that would diminish water resistant finishes. Use 30 to 90 °C washing temperature as instructed by the clothing manufacturer.

Use: Soft and medium hard water: For hand wash 0,3 dl into 10 litres of water, for machine wash 0,4 dl for 3 kg of laundry

pH ca. 6

Made in Finland

4.90 €/bottle
Quantity:  500 ml

Product number: 4706

Unit Price: 9.90 € / litre

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