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Soft Velcro Fabric

Soft Velcro Fabric

Top quality Velcro fabric with fuzzy loops on other side. Those loops stick to the hook side of velcro hook&loop tapes. From this fabric you can manufacture loop surfaces of various shapes and sizes that hook side of hook&loop tape stick to. Fabric has stretch and has a soft feel.
Use e.g. with the hook side of our hook&loop tapes.

Has a firm hols. Intended for semi-permanent attachments. Does not withstand infinite amount of attach-detach cycles.

Our stiffer Hook & Loop Loop Mat is designed for repeating attach-detach cycles: [VELC_MAT] Hook & Loop Loop Mat

Color: black
Material: Polyamide (PA6)

Width: 150 cm
Weight: 175 g/m²
Made in Germany.


Minimum order quantity: 0.2 m

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