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Black Diamond Volt Lantern, 10 to 250 Lumen

With the ability to run on an integrated rechargeable lithium battery or three AA’s, the Volt is versatile and features a built-in USB charge in and charge out port that’s perfect for powering up a cell phone in the backcountry. The Volt dims, locks, and strobes for those late-night tent parties, and the lantern also features a hanging/stand feature, allowing you to light up camp, whether that’s from a table or a tree. With a flat, more compact form factor, the Volt is a packable option that won’t waste valuable space on your next adventure.

  • Emits 250 lumens on max setting
  • USB charge in/out port
  • Hangs or stands
  • Lock mode to preserve battery life
  • Dims or strobes
  • Runs on rechargeable lithium battery or three AA batteries
Lumens: 10 to 250
Burn Time: 150 to 6 h
Radius: 2 - 14 meters

Weight: 244 g (152 g + 72 g AA batteries)

IPX Rating: 4
Batteries: Internal Lithium Ion + 3 x AA

Instruction PDF behind the link.