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Witz Surf Safe

Handy totally waterproof hard box for trekking wallet use - cards and notes stay dry for sure. Unlike soft waterproof bags, this also works in everyday use, as opening and closing case is fast and easy.

Comes with lanyard and carabiner. Money and cards not included.

Weight: 50 g (just the case 36 g)
Outer measures: 8cm wide x 11 cm high x 2 cm deep
Inner measures: 6 cm wide x 9 cm high x 1 cm deep

Patented Angle for easy entry to contents

Breakaway Clip for emergency release

Anodized Aluminum Carabiner for clipping to bags etc.

Nylon Lanyard hang it or wear it

Latch positive for security

Rubber O-Ring waterproof seal

Not recommended to be used below -15°C temperatures as the latch might break.

Color:  Black

Product number: 4412

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Color:  Yellow

Product number: 4414

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