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Lupine Rotlicht Bike Taillight/Brakelight 160 lumen

Brake light, brightness sensor, a high-quality aluminum housing, sturdy front cover, 160 lumens and up to 60h runtime: The Rotlicht is a rearlight you won´t find a second time on this planet.

You´re riding in a group and have to brake? The red light reacts immediately and sends a brake light. Are you on the road and being illuminated by a vehicle? The red light recognizes at any time how much light you need and adjusts the brightness of your taillight. So you are always perfect to see even in strong ambient light and automatically save power when you just need less power.

You simply charge your red light via common USB. After charging, you seal the charging socket with the plug protection.

Weight: 55 g (incl. battery)
Protection class: IP 68 (waterproof)
Made in Germany
Guarantee lamp: 2 years


Product number: 7176

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