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Bushmen Vagabond Mosquito Net

The dense mesh of the mosquito net ensures full protection against mosquitoes, ticks, clippers, even against black-flies.

  • Mesh diameter 144 eyelets by 1 cm²
  • Each hole (hammock slots and entrance) is secured with a cuff so you can no worry about any abomination coming in uninvited.
  • The mosquito net tightly covers the sides of the hammock, creating effective protection against mosquitos.
  • The top of the mosquito net is hanged on an attached ridgeline stretched between the carabiners (not included) of the hammock.
  • The nylon hem of the cuff prevents clinging to rubbish and significantly increases the durability of the mosquito net.
  • Both entering and exiting the hammock is very simple. Release the cuff and lift the mosquito net up.
  • The ridgeline has a unique adjustment system available after entering the hammock.
  • You can also use the mosquito net itself as a protection against all bugs on the ground.
  • Suitable for hammocks up to 3.2 m long.
Weight: 220 grams + ridgeline 10 grams
Pack volume: about 1 liter
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