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Black Diamond Glidelite Mix Kicker Skins 50 - 105 mm

For long, flat approaches on frozen lakes, forest roads or open trails, the Black Diamond Mohair Mix Kicker Skins offer surprising traction and a third the weight of a full mohair mix skin. These ultralight half-skins feature a camlock buckle and nylon strap attachment and are built with a combination of mohair and nylon for the perfect balance of grip and glide.

  • Mix of 65% mohair and 35% nylon with updated BD Icon print.
  • Supple and packable in a durable nylon ripstop bag
  • Nearly 1/3 the weight of full-length mohair mix skins
  • Clean camlock buckle and nylon strap secure the skin underfoot
  • Impact-resistant polymer composite glide plate for reduced weight
  • Cheat sheets included.
Attachment strap length is suited to a ski width close to the skin width (max. 1 cm wider).

Climbing skin material: Black Diamond Mohair Mix
Weight: 180 g/pair
Length: approx. 74 cm hari part, approx. 80 cm incl. plastic part

Width:  95 mm

Product number: 7368

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Width:  105 mm

Product number: 7369

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