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Colltex Mix Ski Skins 38 mm

Long ski skins for ski touring and nordic touring skis. Good suitability for long ski expeditions and for pulling a sled.

This ski skin is famous for it's excellent compromise between glide and durability. Suitable for nordic touring skis to provide reliable and weather independent grip.

Nylon-Mohair mix provides significantly better glide than 100% nylon skins have. These climbing skins are great choice for nordic touring ski trips for about 50 to 70 mm wide skis. Note that the narrow tip loop doesn't necessarily fit the most widest and roundest touring ski tips. You can replace it with loop bent from steel wire or tied from piece of strong 3 mm cord. We can also offer a wider tip loop as a supplement: Steel Rectangular Loop 40mm, Nickled.

Climbing skins for maximum of 2 meter long skis. Includes 2 x 2 meters of specified width climbing skin and tip loops. These skins are suitable for about 5 to 25 mm wider skis than specified as skin width. Or even for wider skis if you want narrow 'half width' well gliding skins for wide skis.

If your skis are shorter than 2 meters, cut out extra length and you have ready to use climbing skins ready for use.

Supple and easy to handle. The glue has a good hold but it's not too sticky to handle.

Climbing skin material: Colltex Mix: 70% Mohair, 30% Nylon
Ski tip loop inside width: 30 mm
Ski tip loop inside height: 7 mm

Storage bag and protecting sheets included.


Color:  Crystal Blue

Product number: 8212

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