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Ultimate Direction Body Bottle 500S

500 ml of fluid - yet still fits into all of UD vests. Hands-free drinking access makes the Body Bottle™ 500S a terrific solution for training sessions or races.

The lid has big opening, allowing you to easily add ice cubes or powdered energy mix. Super comfortable, the soft flask conforms to your body - reduces sloshing, bouncing, and rubbing!


  • Clear - you can see how much fluid is left
  • Collapsible - is only as large as the liquid being carried
  • Pliable - conforms to any shape
  • Cleanable - can be placed in dishwasher
  • Hi-Flow Bite Valve
  • Does not slosh!
  • Compressible bottom fits also into smaller pockets
  • The straw works with the push/pull valve for locking and a bite valve on the end to prevent leaking

Weight: 58 g
Volume: 500 ml
Material: BPA-Free TPU

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