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Bushmen Permanent Match

Permanent match by BUSHMEN. Smart and beauty combination of the oil lighter, match and firestarter.

It is convenient in use as a mach, especially when you have to ignite the camp fire, candle, or an oil lamp. Provides big, bright flame like a good oil lighter.

Weight: 16 grams

Basic parts of the permanent match are:

The match – build of the steel tube with the small steel striker and the cotton wick on the end. The other side is a handle and closure of the oil can at the same time.

Oil can – is filled with the cotton balls. When the can is filled with the oil, cotton balls keeps the oil inside and protects against spill, even when the can would fall.

Instructions: The match (when closed) is immersed in the oil (in the can) and it’s always ready to use. Just remove the match from the can (with oil) and strike the spark by scratching the firestarter. Oil in the wick will burn with the big, bright flame. Pay attention to burn the oil not the wick, what may happened when you burn the match too long. When you see that the wick is getting black or glow you should immediately extinguish the flame.

Permanent match is supplied with the small piton, what makes the match an useful keychain.

Remember, from time to time, to fill the can with the oil.


Product number: 5385

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