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Nite Ize SlideLock #2 Steel Accessory Carabiner

The SlideLock Carabiner provides convenient attachment with a locking gate. People at Nite Ize designed an innovative slide-to-lock feature that securely locks the gate with a simple push and slide movement, and unlocks when you want it to just as easily.

Then, instead of a bulky tubular construction, they designed a cross sectioned, rectangular stainless steel body that's durable, low profile, and slim; it feeds more easily through smaller openings and rests flat in pockets.

Size #2 is perfect for carrying smaller items like keys.

Material: stainless steel

Length: 43 mm
Width: 28 mm

Weight: 8 g
Strength: 4.5 kg

Not for climbing!

Color:  Black

Product number: 2966

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