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Black Diamond Recon BT Avy Safety Set

A complete collection of avalanche safety essentials for the everyday backcountry traveler, this package features durable, lightweight and easy-to-use tools that are ideal for anytime you venture into backcountry terrain.

The perfect avalanche safety kit for the everyday backcountry traveler, this package features the essential gear needed for safe backcountry travel and fast, accurate searching in the event of an avalanche. The Black Diamond Recon BT Beacon provides industry-leading search capabilities thanks to its three-antenna design and 60-meter circular range, while the durable yet lightweight Transfer Shovel and Quickdraw Tour 280 Probe make for easy snow study and efficient searching.

  • Black Diamond Recon BT Beacon
  • Transfer 3 Shovel
  • Quickdraw Tour 280 Probe
Antennas: 3
Frequency: 457 kHz (EN300718)
Power Supply: 3 AAA Batteries

Battery Life:200 h send mode
Maximum Range: 60 m
Search Strip Width: 60 m

Weight: 210 grams
Dimensions: 115 x 75 x 28 mm

Probe Length: 280 cm
Probe Weight: 342 g

Shovel Weight: 665 g
Shovel Blade Volume: 1.14 L

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