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Klättermusen Compression Strap 95 cm

Klättermusen Compression Strap 95 cm

Off course somebody should have thought of this earlier. Even some simple things can be made even more simple and better. No more fidling around with trying to feed webbing end into narrow webbinng lock hole. Just put ring into a hook and pull strap to tighten.

    Features & Facts
  • The simpler, the better.
  • Lifetime lasting parts.
  • Adjustable length.
  • Can be used to attach gear anywhere on Klättermusen backpacks.
  • Attaches also to other brand backpacks or even car roof racks.
Material: Polyamide Webbing
Colour: Black
Weight medium: 24 g
Width: 20 mm
Size: 95 cm/piece

    eco index points: 5/6 (83%)
  • PFOA-free DWR.
  • More than 70% recycled material.
  • Recyclable in standard recycling systems.
  • Long life cycle, unlike lightweight products.
  • 1% to environmental projects.

Minimum order quantity: 0.5 pair

Only 2 pairs left in stock, after the stock is empty this product is not available.
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