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Forest Bath Outdoor Shampoo, Nettle

Ecological, biogradable and natural bar soap which is lightweight to carry along.

Scent free without additional ingredients. Completely natural and naturally biogradable small bar of shampoo. 20 grams is lightweight to carry along and is enough for a week or so.

Despite the biogradability remember to wash away from water sources to avoid the eutrophication of waterways.

Scent free and vegan nettle shampoo suits especially for oily and thin hair. It includes plenty of organic nettle powder which improves hair gloss and balances the scalp. This shampoo also includes bentonite clay, which cleanses hair and improves hair softness and flexibility. Finnish camelina oil nourishes and heals the hair during washing. Organic beer improves hair gloss and volume.

Weight: 29 g incl. packaging

Instructions for use: Moisten hair, rub soap from scalp towards the hair. Shampoo foams up also with cold water. Spread foam over the hair and simultaniously rub your scalp. Rinse soap and foam away.

Easy to dry by hanging from the attached biogradable cord and simple to carry in the resealable sales packaging.

INCI: Sodium cocoate, aqua, craft beer, sodium olivate, sodium camelinate, sodium castorate, urtica dioica powder, bentonite, maris sal, panthenol.


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