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Schmetz Super Stretch Machine Needles

High quality needles for sewing stretchy knit fabrics that contain elastane. The special design of the Stretch needle prevents skipped stitches on highly elastic fabrics.

In addition, these needles have a medium ball point, which prevents damage to the material by penetrating gaps between knit loops instead of piercing them.

For knit materials without elastane, the Jersey Needle can also be used.

Needle system HAx1 SP, that can be used on all machines requiring the 130/705 H needle system, i.e. most domestic sewing machines and overlocks.

The package includes 5 needles.

Choose needle size according to material weight: the heavier the material, the thicker the needle.

Size:  75/11

Product number: 9271

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Size:  90/14

Product number: 9273

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