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Ripstop Spinnaker Repair Tape

Ripstop Spinnaker Repair Tape

Repair tape for sails, cover and clothing. Made from spinnaker sailcloth.

Doesn't stick to silicone coated fabrics.

Width: 50 mm
Length: 4,5 m

Attaching instructions:
First, bring the tear edges together, then remove the paper backing from the tape and apply it to the rip with hand pressure. Use rounded edges when possible. Rub all tape edges down to form a strong bond between the tape and the fabric. Best adhesion is achieved with a clean, dry surface.

The Cleaning Towel is an Easy solution for cleaning the surface for repairs. Available affordably in small and bigger batches.

Color:  Black

Product number: 3690

Color:  Blue

Product number: 3693

Color:  Green

Product number: 3692

Color:  Red

Product number: 3694

Color:  White

Product number: 3695

Color:  Yellow

Product number: 3691

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