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Pulk Hook For Cord, Small

Pulk Hook For Cord, Small

Durable plastic hook for pulk packing cords for example. With running through the side and end hole.
Same as the regular pulk hook but in smaller size with 4mm hole.

Gate tongue can break in cold conditions but it doesn't affect the use or durability of the rest of the hook. Open the gate by pulling a cord through from the outside.

If the gate tongue is not needed. It can be carefully cut off with a utility knife.

Pituus: 44 mm
Leveys: 20 mm
Paksuus: 12 mm

Side hole diameter: 9,8 mm
End hole diameter: 5,0 mm
Weight: 3,9 g

Material: Nylon

Color:  Black

Product number: 1156

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