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Zip Clip

Strong cord ending piece or puller for one or two strands of cord. Suitable e.g. as jacket hem cord ending. When added with a cord makes "bomb-proof", self-cinching zipper pull which allows you to eliminate the metal pull, or add grap area to it, and provide for a "jingle-free" long pull tab which is easy to grab, even with mittens on.

Designed to work with about 2.5mm cord(s). Along others suitable to be used with our following cordings: C4PP, E_MSPC (2.5mm and 3mm), E_MSPC_B, MROR500.
And with the following stretch cords: C3S, C3.5S

Before installation melt the cord ends carefully on a candle fire to prevent unraveling. After installation make a pull test to confirm good hold. For zipper pull extension we recommend about 15 cm length of cord when used with this zip clip.

Includes both parts. Use to end single or double cord.

Weight: 1,5 g
Material: Acetal/Nylon (inner/outer part)

Color:  Black

Product number: 123

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