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Coil Zipper Tape YKK 5CN (6 mm)

Coil Zipper Tape YKK 5CN (6 mm)

Top quality 6 mm coil zippers made by YKK. Great for pockets, anorak collars, backpacks, tents etc. The most used use it everywhere zipper tape.

From this you can manufacture your zipper in desired length when the zipper slider doesn't have to be separated from the zipper tape sides, e.g. collar zips, pockets or on backpacks and bags.
You need to purchase also a 6 mm zipper slider to make a complete working zipper.

Remember to reserve few centimeters of seam allowance for each end when ordering. Extra is easy to cut off but impossible to add.

Weight: 18,8 g/m

YKK ECO-DYE® zipper is made of black polyester. This almost water free process reduces waste water significantly.


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