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Thermarest Ridgerest Classic Reg Sleeping Pad

Thermarest Ridgerest Classic Reg Sleeping Pad

Thermarest's thickest and most comfortable foam mattress now boasts a heat-reflecting aluminized surface, adding to the effectiveness of heat-trapping valleys and soft, supportive ridges. The coating also adds durability to make this Thermarest's toughest, worry-free mattress option for value-driven comfort in any season.

  • All-Season Warmth: Patent-pending aluminized surface reflects radiant heat, amplifying the effectiveness of heat-trapping valleys.
  • Travel Light: Lightweight foams reduce weight for situations when every ounce counts.
  • Sleep Anywhere: Closed-cell foams provide unmatched durability for use on any surface without worry.

R-Value: 2.6
Color: Gray
Weight: 385 g

Length: 183 cm
Width: 51 cm
Thickness: 1.5 cm

Pack size: 51 x ∅ 20 cm
Material: Crosslinked Polyethylene
Made in Ireland.

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