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Black Diamond Evac 9 Shovel

Black Diamond Evac 9 Shovel

A multi-function tool for comprehensive backcountry use, the Evac is Black Diamond's top-of-the-line shovel and features two configurations: standard shovel and hoe mode. The ultra-durable construction and super compact design are ideal for both daily snow study and fast avalanche response.

Black Diamond's top-of-the-line shovel for professional use, the Black Diamond Evac features a unique handle that can be set up in two configurations for digging test pits or rapid snow removal. The large blade moves lots of snow quickly, and a flat-bottom profile helps you get a good clean face on your pit wall. An extendable shaft and large D handle increase comfort for long days in the field involving multiple pits and speeds up digging time during an emergency.

  • Compact telescoping shaft and durable anodized blade
  • Shovel converts easily into hoe mode from the same attachment point for snow removal and excavation
  • Compact D-handle with comfortable dual-density grip
  • Evac 9 has larger blade volume and longer handle for professional use
Weight: 905 g
Blade Volume: 3.5 l

Minimum pack length: 49 cm
Minimum use length: 75.5 cm
Maximum use length: 100 cm

Blade maximum width: 27 cm
Blade maximum length: 32.5 cm

Color:  Grey / Blue

Product number: 2914

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