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OAC KAR 149 Skis + OAC EA 2.0 Bindings (2023)

KAR 149 UC - The ultimate backcountry ski.

KAR has proven its capabilities in wide scale of different user environments.

The KAR UC has an integrated skin, which is recessed to the base. Because of the skin’s shape & the high quality skin that is used, the ski is competent even for freeride skiing at any slope you ski. If you like bit smaller dose of adrenalin, you can slow the speed by leaning back and taking the ski of from the fall line. So KAR's make backcountry access possible also for beginners & recreational skiers. By having the recessed, permanent skins you can forget grip wax problems and hassle with packing the skins. Skiing uphill with KAR’s is easy!

Assembled with OAC EA 2.0 binding, it is easy to use with almost any shoes available. Just step out your door, grab your Kar’s and enjoy the ride!

  • OAC Braid box construction
  • Compression resistant elastic foam core
  • Unicoat ski base
  • Integrated high quality Mohair MIX skin
  • ALU/ GF reinforcement at binding area
  • Steel edges
The EA 2.0 binding works with a wide range of flexible sole boots in all weather conditions. OAC has chosen the best materials they know to work in even the harshest environments. A thick flexplate with hinge mechanism gives good ski feeling and offers excellent lateral stability. EA offers a wide size range for most adult boot sizes. The EA 2.0 Binding is collapsible and simple to reassemble.

Ski length: 149 cm
Ski width: 131-110-122 mm
Ski weight: 1150g w/o binding

Suitable boot sole length: 24 - 38 cm

Made in Finland