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Hook & Loop Fastener Loop Mat

Hook & Loop Fastener Loop Mat

Stiff fuzzy loop fabric that sticks to hook side of velcro hook&loop. Sleek backside.

From this fabric you can manufacture loop surfaces of various shapes and sizes that hook side of hook&loop tape sticks to. Loop has soft feel against the skin.

Non-stretch structure. Cut edge does not frey.

Use e.g. with the hook side of our hook&loop tapes.

Color: black
Material: Polyamide

Width: 155 cm
Weight: 275 g/m²

19.00 €/m

Minimum order quantity: 0.2 m

Only 1.6 m left in stock, after the stock is empty this product is not available.
3.00 €/piece
Quantity:  Sample Piece 10 x 10 cm
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