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Colltex Ski Skin Glue In A Roll 150 mm, 4 meters

Colltex adhesive on transfer film for total or partial renewal of adhesive coating, simply ironing on.

Important note: remove old glue before applying. To remove old glue use warming scraper or packaging paper/warm iron method. Watch through instructional videos!

Note: different types and brands of climbing skin glue don't necessarily work or mix well together. Remember to test and if needed remove old glue before applying a different kind of glue.

Please note! This product is not suitable for Colltex CT40 or Black Diamond skins. CT40 and Black Diamond skins need their own adhesive.

Length: 4 meters per package
Width: 150 mm

  • Lay the skins on a flat surface.
  • Clean off the old adhesive by using a warming scraper.
  • Place the release paper with the sticky side against the glue onto the skin. Press uniformly.
  • Apply the new adhesive by using an iron (130°C setting, about 1 and half dots) or a waxing iron (7.5 or 8 setting). Iron gently the transfer tape. This will transfer the new adhesive onto the skin. Iron until the paper becomes to crinkle.
  • Allow to dry for ½ hour. Remove the release paper for immediate use.

Instructions (PDF)

Instructional video on old glue removal

Instructional video on adding new glue using transfer tape


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