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Snow Safety Package: Arva NEO + Arva Pro 240cm + BD Lynx

In this snow safety package you get Arva NEO transceiver, Arva Pro 240 cm probe and Black Diamond Lynx shovel with a bargain package price! Top quality and trustworthy kit with bargain price. Dependable and easy to use transceiver, durable probe with enough length and sturdy basic shovel.

Intuitive and performance are keywords that help to define the Arva's NEO. With a search bandwidth never seen on the market, and improved performance in reliability and speed, the NEO is the most powerfull device on the market.

The simple and powerfull designed matches both the demanding needs of the most advanced users, who will be impressed by its incredible range, as well as beginners, who will appreciate the user friendliness of this beacon.

ISOTECH Technology
Modern beacons have three receiving antennas, two of them are used simultaneously to catch a signal in the primary search. Most of the time the 2nd antenna's performance is less than the primary one. This affects the search bandwidth distance which is calculated on the worst reception scenario.

The NEO is the first beacon to have equal performance on both antennas and consequently it's the first beacon to consistently and confidently achieve a 60 meters search bandwidth.


  • 100% digital
  • 3 antennas
  • Super easy to use
  • Distance & direction indicators
  • Marking function for multiple victims situations
  • Automatic switch back to transit mode with timer
  • U-turn alarm
  • Group check
  • Search band width of 60 m in all the situations.
  • Transmitting autonomy: battery life more than 250 h
  • Searching autonomy: battery life more than 40 h
  • Self test every 2 min.
  • Transmits at constant signal regardless of battery life.
  • The most powerful transmitting range.
  • Comes with batteries and standard straps.
  • Compatible with the holster and hand leash package.
Weight: 325 g (including batteries and harness)
Batteries: 3 ALKALINE batteries lr03/AAA (NO lithium or rechargable batteries)
Frequency: 457 kHz
Ets standard 300718 – ISO 9001 production standard.

Made in France.

Only 1 set left in stock, after the stock is empty will be available again towards next winter.
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