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Chimpanzee Isotonic Drink Powder

Chimpanzee Isotonic drink helps maintain performance during a longer physical performance and increases water absorption during exercise.

It combines low molecular weight and high molecular weight carbohydrates in an optimal ratio. As a result, fluctuations in blood sugar levels during exercise are significantly reduced.

20% of isomaltulose provides a gradual release of energy. An effective antioxidant system* helps protect cells from oxidative stress and pro- longs the ability to deliver maximum performance. *(zinc, manganese, selenium, vitamins C and E)

  • contains complex carbohydrates
  • easily digestible
  • ideal for wide range of activities
  • suitable for children from 5y old
Flavour:  Cherry
Quantity:  30 g

Product number: 5055

Best Before: 2023-06-15

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