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Aquatrick marker and water pen

A combination, which provides the perfect solution: the water-erasable markings of the aqua trick marker and the water pen now make it easy to trace and remove lines. The aqua trick marker is particularly suitable for removing markings on fabrics when the lines traced are intended to be invisible later on.

It should be stored cap downwards, to prevent it from drying out. The markings must be accurately removed and left without a trace before ironing. Test the marking and removal properties of the aqua trick marker and water pen beforehand on a fabric sample! Also short-term markings can be transferred: the water pen is filled with water and its damp brush-tip produces exact lines on the fabric. In addition, if you fill it with a mixture of water and stain remover, the water pen effortlessly removes stains.


Product number: 6184 (Prym 611845)

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