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Bushmen Ultralight Zen Hammock

No tricks, no compromises. ULTRALIGHT hammock ZEN is the lightest on the market full-size, 3m x 1.45m hammock. Packed into a tiny (350ml) bag with a clever construction.

Ultralight micro-ripstop 15D nylon is convenient, breathable and pleasant to the touch, which ensures comfortable rest. It is also very strong. With its extremely low weight, the hammock can hold loads up to 130kg.

The set includes two 3mm Dyneema cords with a tensioning system, the so-called Whoopie slings. They allow to easy hang the hammock. It is enough to hook the ear of the tensioning system by passing it through the hammock loop. Then, insert the tightening tension loop into the target mounting location. Finally, adjust the position of the hammock using the whoopie slings and… conveniently arrange yourself in the hammock.

For greater comfort, we added a ridgeline with a mesh pocket. Thank to that your valuable items will be always with you.

Pack size: 15 x 5.5 cm
Weight: 150 g
Size: 3 m x 1.45 m
Load capacity: 130 kg

Color:  Green

Product number: 6222

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