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Waterproof YKK FLEXSEAL S-Seal 85 Closed Zipper

Waterproof YKK FLEXSEAL S-Seal 85 Closed Zipper

FLEXSEAL® has a strong and flexible coil element offering a durable, light weight and fully waterproof solution for the most demanding applications.
The extruded fin profile offers protection from the outside and prevents dirt from builiding up. The polyester coil elements are self-aligning in case of misalignment or the chain bursting open.

A zipper with one end closed and another end open (S-seal).

Tape material: P23 (Polyurethane)
Tooth material: Polyester
Slider material: Stainless Steel

Inquire other sizes and model by email: info(ät)shelby.fi

Find out more important info on use of water proof zippers here.

Length:  30 cm

Product number: 6406

Only 1 piece left in stock, after the stock is empty available on order. Delivery time 30 to 60 days longer than normally.
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