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Black Diamond Vapor Carbon 2 Ski Poles 95 - 135 cm

The Vapor Carbon 2 is an ultralight ski pole, built for ski mountaineers and gram-counting backcountry skiers.

The Black Diamond Vapor Carbon 2 Ski Pole packs essential features and strong, durable performance into one of the lightest ski poles on the market. The two-piece carbon shaft features a minimalist foam grip, with our dual density grip-top's sticky rubber grabs onto buckles and bindings with ease for quick adjustments.

  • 100% carbon fiber with a two-piece shaft: 18 mm (0.7) upper and 16 mm (0.6) Lower
  • Ultralight foam upper and lower grip
  • 75 mm Freeride Basket
Minimum length: 95 cm
Usage length: 100 to 135 cm
Weight: 225 g/pole


Product number: 7225

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