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Bushmen Tarp tensioner 6 pcs

Set of six ultralight tensioning cords in a HANDY pocket.

    The Tensioner
  • Each cord has a tensioner, in other words – a sliding hook which, after correct hooking, will allow effortless setting of the right tension.
  • Hook, pull to tense, and release the cord to make it work!
  • Each cord ends at one side with a handy puller stopper. It will help you to recognize which end to pull, even in the darkness. Its size makes it easy to set your cords also while working in the gloves.
  • To uninstall the tensioner, all you have to do is to gently pull-away its end for the locking tension will be released.
    The Hook
  • At the other end of each cord, there is a hook that allows creating a loop, e.g. around the tree or onto one of the tent construction elements like stakes rope.
  • Sometimes you will have to get creative with it and attach the hook to the puller at the other end of the cord to create your optimal setting. Either way, these cords will make it easy!
    Hooks are suitable for cords of 3mm thick.
  • All together packed in a practical bag, that will contain not only cords but some of our additional useful equipment.
Length: 3m each
Cord diameter: 3 mm
Weight: 20 grams
Hook load: 5 kg
  • 6 x tensioners
  • HANDY Pocket

Product number: 7543

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