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Amsteel Continuous Loop 20 cm

Pre-spliced continuos loop from 7/64" Amsteel in 20 cm length with 40 cm diameter.

    What is Amsteel?
  • Made from Dyneema SK75 with Samthane Coating - very hard wearing
  • 8-strand single braid construction
  • Size for size same strength as wire rope, yet only 1/7 of the weight: outlasts wire rope in tests
  • Flexible, easy to handle and easily field spliced
Length: 20 cm
Circumference: 40 cm
Weight: 3.3 grams
Color:  Black

Product number: 7651

Only 1 piece left in stock, after the stock is empty
Color:  Red

Product number: 7070

Only 2 pieces left in stock, after the stock is empty
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